How to Deal With a Check Engine Light

How to Deal With a Check Engine Light
Dealing with a car’s check engine light on your dashboard while you are traveling can be very frustrating. While the light is meant to warm you about a problem, it does not indicate the exact area where the problem lies. The information you get from it is that somewhere in your car is not working properly. It may probably force you to take a tour to the nearest service station or garage to know where the problem is.

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To ease the work and to avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic, I have come up with a list of some of the specific areas where you can check after the engine light turns on.
*Check the car’s gas cap – a missing or faulty gas cap will cause the check engine light to turn on. If the cap is not properly secured or is missing, the pressure inside the gas tank is thrown off kilter. This causes a change in pressure in the OBD system and could indicate some leakage in the car’s emissions system therefore triggering the light to alert you about a problem. The best remedy to this problem is to change the gas cap or tighten it thoroughly. If the problem persist, it is important to take the car to a mechanic.

*Check the code – as the engine light is triggered, a code is usually stored in the memory of its computer. Using a card reader, you can remove the code and find out the precise cause of the problem.
*Check the hood – open the car’s hood and check for frayed wires and leaking hoses. Have a keen look at the spark plug wires and see if there is any damage on them. If they show any signs or damage, a simple fix will do the trick. Wrap it up using tape and check if the car’s check engine light has gone off.
Other areas that you should pay attention to include the mass airflow sensors, catalytic converter and the oxygen center.
If the problem persist, seek professional help from your mechanic. That are some of the few ways on how to deal with the check engine light.

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